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28 Years Helping Business Owners.


Admitted to Practice Law in 1995.

Lawyer, Business Consultant & Educator to Amazon Sellers & Entrepreneurs Around the Globe.

Founding Partner of, &


ACTUAL CASE: Client Saved from losing money on a Trademark he was UNLIKELY Obtain because he used a lawyer from Amazon's IP Accelerator program.  

WHAT YOU GET FOR $250 PER MONTH: Up to two one-hour meetings each month with CJ & access to different resources.  



amazon seller lawyer
amazon seller lawyer
amazon seller lawyer

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CJ Rosenbaum.  Experience Matters.

$250 / month

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🇺🇸 $250 Per Month 🇺🇸 No Retainer 🇺🇸 No Unexpected Bills 👔 28 Years Experience

$250 per month gets you up to Two (2) One-Hour ☎️ meetings with CJ Rosenbaum each month PLUS access to different resources.

  • CJ Rosenbaum helps Business Owners with Non-Legal Amazon Listing Suspensions & Amazon Account Suspensions including Amazon Inauthentic Deactivations, Amazon Tracking Number Deactivations, Amazon Used Sold as New, Drop Shipping, Amazon Related Account suspensions & other Amazon Listing and Amazon Account Deactivations
  • CJ Rosenbaum helps business owners with Amazon Intellectual Property Complaints, Amazon Rights' Owner Complaints, Amazon Trademark, Copyright & Patent Complaints (Design Patents and Utility Patents) and defends Amazon Sellers who receive Counterfeit Complaints
  • CJ Rosenbaum advises Entrepreneurs on how to handle Employee Issues
  • CJ Rosenbaum advises business owners and online sellers on Partnership Issues
  • CJ Rosenbaum helps business owners draft Successful and Strategic Appeals and Amazon Plans of Action
  • CJ Rosenbaum provides consultations when you are ready to Sell your Amazon based business or and the sale or Purchase of  brick & mortar businesses
  • CJ Rosenbaum is an experienced litigator...REAL COURTROOM EXPERIENCE, not just a desk-jockey.
  • Intellectual Property, Brand Development & Brand Protection: let CJ Rosenbaum help you stop unauthorized sales of your brand.
  • Business Issues may also include Possible Criminal Exposure Issues when online sellers are accused of price gouging
  • Contracts, Business & Tax Strategies (All Tax advice is with our CPA)
  • When a Business Owner or Amazon Seller may be headed towards Divorce...Business Consultations & Planning may be vital
  • CJ Rosenbaum can assist business owners in their Estate & Succession Planning
  • Business Owners may be able to take advantage of opportunities to help paying for Your Kids’ College &or Obtain Student Financial Aid
amazon seller lawyer
amazon seller lawyer

What is the service about?

CJ Rosenbaum is now offering a new service to help Amazon Sellers and all entrepreneurs, business owners and any individuals make decisions on issues that may affect their business and personal lives.

$250 per month gets you:

Up to Two One-Hour ☎️ Meetings with CJ Rosenbaum each month PLUS access to different resources.

When you have CJ Rosenbaum On Retainer, you can schedule meetings with CJ Rosenbaum and obtain legal advice and business advice to address the issues you are facing. Whether you are facing an Amazon account deactivation, Amazon listing deactivation, intellectual property complaint of other intellectual property issue, business litigation, business law issue, employment or partnership problems, sourcing issues, brand development or contract issues, CJ Rosenbaum can provide legal advice that takes your entire business into consideration NOT just Amazon centric advice. CJ Rosenbaum can help you make good business owner decisions.


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  • Start yourlegal and/or business consultations right now with CJ Rosenbaum for $250 per month
  • $250 per month gets you: Up to Two One-Hour ☎️ Meetings with CJ Rosenbaum each month PLUS access to different resources.

  •  Free Access to CJ Rosenbaum's 7 Books including the 600+ page Amazon Law Library

  • 10% Discount on all fees if you choose to retain Rosenbaum Segall, P.C. for any projects or issues. Rosenbaum Segall, P.C. is the law firm behind, and
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  • Start your legal and/or business consultations right now with CJ Rosenbaum with one flat payment $2,500.00 for twelve months' ability to schedule your legal or business consultations with CJ Rosenbaum
  • $2500 gets you 12 Months of Up to Two One-Hour ☎️ Meetings with CJ Rosenbaum each month PLUS  access to different resources and $500 off the monthly payment plan.

  • Free Access to CJ Rosenbaum's 7 Books including the 600+ page Amazon Law Library
  • 10% Discount on all fees if you choose to retain Rosenbaum Segall, P.C. for any projects or issues.  Rosenbaum Segall, P.C. is the law firm behind, and
  • SAVE $500 per year by paying one annual payment instead of 12 monthly payments.
Get CJ Rosenbaum on Your Team and Save $500

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Why have CJ ROSENBAUM on Your Team

$250 per month gets you Up to Two One-Hour ☎️ Meetings with CJ Rosenbaum each month PLUS access to different resources.

amazon seller lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum is the founder of Amazon Sellers Lawyer. CJ Rosenbaum provides information to Amazon Sellers through his books for Amazon Sellers: Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions which teaches Amazon Sellers how to avoid Amazon Account Deactivations and Amazon Listing Deactivations (ASIN Deactivations), the Amazon Law Library, Amazon Sellers Guide to Trademark Law, the Amazon Sellers Guide to Copyright Law and the Amazon Sellers Guide to Chinese Intellectual Property Law. Tens of thousands of Amazon Sellers have benefited from CJ Rosenbaum's experience in helping thousands of Amazon Sellers and tens of thousands of Amazon ASINs / Listings. CJ Rosenbaum and his team have written tens of thousands of Plans of Action / POAs for deactivated Amazon Sellers around the world.

amazon seller lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum's website, has over 1 million views per year on search engines, CJ Rosenbaum has over 2,000 videos on YouTube and has taught Amazon Sellers to succeed at dozens of Amazon Seller educational programs around the world. CJ Rosenbaum is known around the world for helping Amazon Sellers with Amazon Account Suspensions, Amazon Account Deactivations, Amazon Account Listing Deactivations and recouping money Amazon refuses to release to Amazon Sellers. Online Sellers and other entrepreneurs look to CJ Rosenbaum for help with many business issues beyond Amazon Seller problems.

amazon seller lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum has 28 years of experience helping business owners, entrepreneurs and experience in many areas of the law that other lawyers lack. CJ Rosenbaum is likely the only lawyer with almost a decade of experience with Amazon Plans of Action and Amazon Intellectual Property Complaints and also actual in court and trial experience, experience with business contracts, employment law, divorce law estate planning and tax issues. Amazon Sellers and all business owners need experienced legal counsel and/or experienced business advice...not just Amazon or one-issue guidance.

Amazon Account Suspensions & Amazon Listing Suspensions
Intellectual Property Complaints / Rights' Owner Complaints
Business Planning and Business Strategy
Private Label Sellers: brand development, trademark, copyright and brand protection issues
Creating new corporations, LLC formation, shareholder and operating agreements
Employee issues, Non-Disclosure Agreements, NDAs, business risk evaluations

 Litigation Risks; Litigation Avoidance; Settlement; Use of the Courts when Appropriate

 Have a lawyer that needs help with Amazon? CJ Rosenbaum has assisted lawyers around the US in representing business owners and also served as an Expert Witness in lawsuits.  

amazon seller lawyer

In lawsuits, if you get sued in court and all disputes, CJ Rosenbaum seeks resolutions for entrepreneurs from positions of strength. CJ Rosenbaum has been trial counsel in countless trials but focuses on reaching settlements that benefit business owners and entrepreneurs. If a business owner, Amazon Seller or any entrepreneur is in court too long, they are not focusing on making more money. CJ Rosenbaum strives to get online sellers out of disputes and back to selling products online. CJ Rosenbaum and his team at can sue when appropriate and likely to be profitable for business owners. Decades of Resolutions where Possible and experienced litigation when needed.

amazon seller lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum is likely the only lawyer with decades of experience in multiple areas of the law and business and also focused on Amazon. CJ Rosenbaum has experience in Business Law and specifically business law for Amazon Sellers; Employment Law and specifically employee issues for Amazon Sellers & Amazon employees (prior to focusing on Amazon issues, CJ Rosenbaum was the leader of the largest group of lawyers dedicated to Employment issues) and CJ Rosenbaum created to help Amazon employees and obtain inside information to help Amazon Sellers; Intellectual Property Law and specifically Copyright Complaints against Amazon Sellers, Trademark Complaints against Amazon Sellers and other intellectual property complaints and rights' owner complaints against Amazon Sellers.

amazon seller lawyer

When Amazon refuses to release your money or Amazon fails to log your inventory in or Amazon loses your inventory, CJ Rosenbaum can advise Amazon Sellers on how to get their money from Amazon sales released, how to recover money for Amazon lost inventory and how to take steps to force Amazon to pay you what Amazon owes you from the Amazon Sellers account. CJ Rosenbaum can provide Amazon Sellers and all business owners and online sellers how to navigate the arbitration process which is how Amazon and other platforms compel Amazon Sellers and other business owners to resolve disputes.

Full BUSINESS Advice

Not just Amazon-centric advice

While CJ Rosenbaum can fully advise you on how to draft a winning Amazon Plan of Action for Amazon Listing ASIN Deactivations and Amazon Account Deactivations, selling on Amazon is often not entrepreneurs or business owners' only business problem.  CJ Rosenbaum, using 28 years of experience helping business owners, brand developers, online sellers and being an entrepreneur lawyer, can help business owners make decisions regarding your business as a whole...not just issues on Amazon.  


CJ Rosenbaum has educated countless Entrepreneurs, Amazon Sellers and Lawyers around the US and the world at Trade Shows, Amazon Seller Events and Bar Association Events.

Will Solomon

Amazon Seller

Just got off a consultation call for my Amazon business with CJ Rosenbaum and was really impressed with his knowledge and expertise about Amazon account suspensions. Great advice and answered all my questions.

John Mogannam


I called them to help me figure out my next step.  To my surprise, CJ Rosenbaum himself answered the phone. Knowing I was gathering information to plan my next move, he spent the time with me and asking questions for my situation. Giving me some insight along the way. Everyone needs a reliable legal counsel like him.

Regina Santos

Amazon Seller

New Years Eve!!! I called inquiring about my Amazon Seller account being suspended and CJ Rosenbaum was so helpful. The response time was very quick and he was very informative of my case. They're so dedicated working even on the holidays! Great business overall!


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CJ Rosenbaum & his CPA providing tax strategies and tax advice

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Finally, someone with decades of experience available to Amazon Business Owners & All Entrepreneurs with

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For $250 per month, you get up to two one-Hour ☎️ Meetings with CJ Rosenbaum every month PLUS access to different resources.